Milan and Friends  

Growing up in the bay area, Milan Kordestani was an active child with dreams well beyond those of the typical adolescent. By the time he was a teenager, he had already created his first business, Milan Farms. Through innovative practices, Milan sought to modernize the farm egg industry. By focusing on an honest and transparent business model, he was able to achieve a loyal and consistent customer base that was willing to pay above market price for eggs. Under the Milan Farms name, Kordestani also became the first ever saffron farmer to grow the spice hydroponically using microfiber sponges. Through these early successes, Milan gained the confidence to take on other business opportunities in vastly different industries.

Kordestani is a proud founder of Guin Records with his sister/co-founder Misha. Together, Milan and Misha produce, promote, and distribute music for emerging artists. The Kordestani’s bring a unique perspective to the music industry as they are both personally involved in working with each artist to develop a collective consciousness through storytelling. By allowing their musicians to retain ownership of their art, Guin Records has crafted an environment that prioritizes creativity, self-expression, and strives to instigate personal and communal growth- something that is relatively unheard of within the music industry today. 

Milan didn’t stop with agriculture and music alone; his freshman year of college he and co-founder, Sabine Rizvi, created the Dormzi app. Dormzi was created to meet the needs of today’s college students where they can either delegate day-to-day tasks to their peers allowing them the freedom to prioritize academics, or generate an income source that is truly flexible to their personal schedule. Since its inception Dormiz has morphed into a platform for young entrepreneurs. The task-based service exchange app is broadening its focus to support the youth on their journey to becoming entrepreneurs and developing their skills. The Dormzi marketplace allows for students to monetize any of their skills and ideas while fostering working relationships. While other apps may provide similar services to the general public, Dormzi is the first and only that is used and staffed solely by college students, inspired by building the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Finally, in early 2019 Kordestani built The Doe, the world’s first completely anonymous online contributor platform. The Doe started as a passion project of Milan’s as he wanted to create a blog where he’d be able to express his opinions on matters without his name being attached to them. As he searched for a platform that met his needs and found none, he took it upon himself to fill the void. This anonymous online publication is an editorial focused on elevating narratives that are often unheard and under-represented due to fear of backlash, judgement, or doxing that often comes with sharing private and rare op-ed stories. 

Whether it be his passion for animals, music, tech, or journalism, Milan’s dedication to improving the world one industry at a time is plainly evident. His core belief that success comes from a collective culture built on innovation, ethics, and hard work can be seen throughout every facet of his life, and he is passionate about sharing those ideas with the world. All of his combined business and personal experience has led Kordestani to be the accomplished entrepreneur that he is today.

Dormzi – CEO & Co-Founder

When students arrive at college for the first time, many of them, while excited about the new opportunities that await them, forget that they are on their own for what may be the first time in their lives. Suddenly, students are faced with so many opportunities and responsibilities to manage all at once, that it becomes hard to balance things like schoolwork, office hours, internships, clubs, Greek life, sports, relationships, chores, and part-time jobs. 

It can be challenging for students to handle all of this. The need for a network on college campuses tailored to connecting students to deliver on their everyday needs has become ever more apparent. We need a place for students to access help safely, conveniently, and with quality. 

Dormzi was built by students, entirely for students, because we recognize a need to connect college students to one another, for peer to peer task completion, and to simplify their busy lives so they can prioritize their academics and college experience. We’ve built an app that connects college students to one another exclusive to the same campus to quickly make money and accomplish tasks. Our mission is to build value for students in the form of a peer to peer network, allowing for the exchange of services and money to enhance the college experience. 

For students who are looking to work but can’t commit to a part-time or full-time job, Dormzi allows them to make some extra cash without leaving the comfort of campus–allowing students to be as productive as possible. 

For our students, the on-campus peer-to-peer network bolsters safety, convenience, and productivity. Our platform takes into consideration all facets of on-campus living and prioritizes the student’s needs at all costs. We believe our app provides a powerful, one-stop-shop to access micro-networks of fellow students which will expand and grow as college students’ demands change and grow in complexity and need. Join us in empowering students.

Guin Records – CEO, Co-Founder, & Producer

Guin Records is a fully operational independent record label based in the United States that provides first class production, promotion and distribution for undiscovered artists around the world. Co-founded by brother and sister team Milan and Misha Kordestani in 2018, Guin Records believes that making music is a team sport. Dedicated to helping artists get the start that they deserve, Guin connects sensational undiscovered talent with the crucial resources needed for producing high quality soundtracks.

In July the entrepreneurial sibling duo and Guin Records co-founders, Milan and Misha Kordestani, released their first collaborative hip-hop album, “Uncharted," featuring an array of underground talent. Since its release, the album has accumulated over 3.5 million streams on Spotify, 2.7 million downloads on Sound Cloud, over 260,100 views on YouTube, over 300,000 streams on Tidal and over 400,000 streams on Apple Music

Milan Farms – CEO & Founder

Kordestani established Milan Farms in early 2015 to begin his journey on creating a humane and organic system to raise poultry and organically growing 100% pure saffron. Milan Farms is currently offering saffron, free range/organic eggs, and mint. Milan Farms aims to provide an honest option to the consumer. They use transparency in raising their animals and only using organic options for their plants. Kordestani believes that when it comes to choosing a product, if the consumer knows exactly what they want, a pure, and honest option should be readily available without any secrets as to how it was raised. This is the model Milan Farms operates on.

The Milan Farms brand and logo became a trademarked company in 2016 and has since expanded to three separate farms which distribute eggs across the west coast, including Colorado, and saffron across the world. While Milan Farms recognizes the tradition in the production and cultivation of saffron, they also believe in innovation. That is why, in addition to the use of drip irrigation, Milan Kordestani conducted research in hydroponic, and aquaponics systems with growing saffron. They have seen success in both were still experimenting with varying salinity levels in water as well as varying minerals in the water when Kordestani took a step back from saffron to focus on the expansion of his poultry operations.Kordestani is still working on Milan Farms with plans to expand the company nationwide by creating a network of small-time farmers and selling their products under one brand name in major grocery stores. Milan aims to provide humanely raised poultry at an affordable price with the assistance of small-time farmers to support humane practices while providing a superior product.

The Doe – CEO & Founder

Today, conformity is king. Whether around the dinner table, at the office, or on social media, the threat of social retribution compels us to toe the line. Water down your views here; sidestep the conversation there; virtue signal everywhere.

The machinery of enforcement is the same for liberals and conservatives, idealists and realists, believers and nonbelievers. Nonconformity is punishable by social isolation, doxxing, canceling, and careericide—all penalties doled out by the kangaroo court of public opinion that’s not concerned with good intentions or due process.

And the roots of conformity go deeper than what is socially enforced in conversation. Our hyper-personalized media consumption has transformed the town hall into a hall of mirrors; facts, positions, and sentiments are curated for conformity, and whatever doesn’t fit is distorted or thrown out. To belong to a group now verges on accepting not just a badge of identity, but a wholesale reconstruction of reality.

Simply put: The rules of engagement for civil discourse are broken. Even if we could eliminate the punitive pieces of the puzzle, we’re still caught in a kind of deadlock, with all sides incentivized to remain blind to—and often actively dismissive of—the others.

Deep down, most of us recognize the groupthink that has resulted is a farce. The human experience is far too uneven, varied, and raw to be neatly corralled into party lines. In fact, the things that defy categorization can often teach us the most. This is why we need a place for honest and open exploration of the human experience, free of assumptions and affiliations.

We believe that exposure to others’ unfiltered experiences and beliefs ignites the productive discourse we need to move society forward. That’s why we created The Doe, a blogging platform for select contributors to share personal experiences and opinions anonymously. Our mission is to fundamentally challenge the way people engage with ideas and each other, by providing access to unfiltered and honest perspectives that force us to confront our biases.

For our contributors, verified anonymity provides both protection and the freedom to share fully. For our readers and society as a whole, we hope the rich, complex, and sometimes confronting stories that appear on The Doe will help restore open conversation and tough but productive dialogue to our cultural fabric.