Milan Kordestani was born in Stanford, California and grew up there attending Phillips Brooks Elementary school. Kordestani and his family moved to London, England in 2009 after the divorce of his parents, then attending Eaton Square School. In 2010, Kordestani moved back to the Bay Area where he attended Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton where he later graduated High school in 2017.

Kordestani began riding horses at age 10, after he was thrown off of a runaway horse while trail riding. In an interview with The National Horseman, Omid Kordestani wrote “the most significant moment of that memory was that Milan got back up on the horse to ride back to camp, which was surprising considering most children would have been terrified to get back on an animal that treated them so badly". Betts Coup of The National Horseman wrote that he “immediately has natural form, a dedication to working hard and a need to ride challenging, world-class horses, as well as a drive to win blue ribbons… and in a short time, he has achieved major goals in the sport".

In 2015 he won the first leg of the triple crown aboard his horse CH His Supreme Reflection, and followed that win with a fourth place ranking at the Worlds Championship Horse Show. He then gained a 3rd place title nationally at the American Royal, the third leg of the triple crown. In 2016, Milan then became 2nd at the Worlds Championship Horse Show in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure division for his age split, gaining his highest ranking to date.

In addition to Milan’s achievements as an equestrian, he created Milan Farms his sophomore year of high school, a company that focuses on the production of poultry, eggs, and saffron through the connection of various farms across the nation. Under the Milan Farms name, Kordestani became the first ever farmer of saffron to grow the spice hydroponically on microfiber sponges.

Kordestani also pioneered an independent record label, Guin Records, with his sister/co-founder Misha. Together, Milan and Misha produce, promote, and distribute music for emerging artists. The Kordestani’s bring a unique talent to the business partnership as they are both personally involved in working with each artist on a day by day basis: ensuring the focus towards a consistent creative flow. Their different skill sets complement each other and enable them to make Guin Records the supportive musical platform that it was inspired to be.

Milan didn’t stop with agriculture and music alone; his freshman year of college he and co-founder Sabine Rizvi created Dormzi, an application designed to allow college students to hire one another to complete basic tasks such as laundry, errand running, and tutoring.

Finally, in 2019 Milan built The Doe, the world’s first completely anonymous online contributor platform. The Doe started as a passion project of Milan’s as he wanted to create a blog where he’d be able to express his opinions on matters without his name being attached to them. As he searched for a platform that met his needs and found none, he took it into his own hands to build, The Doe. This blogging platform is the first completely anonymous blogging platform in which users are invited to create profiles and have access to publish articles at their leisure.

Dormzi – CEO & Co-Founder

The idea behind Dormzi is that college students are busy and willing to outsource some of their daily tasks to others for a price. The app connects students who need a service fulfilled with students who have time to spare and are in need of some extra cash. Dormzi is designed specifically for the college campus and will be available exclusively to students. Co-founded by high school friends Milan Kordestani and Sabine Rizvi, Dormzi launched on the app store on September 1 for NYU students with plans to expand to other universities soon.

Guin Records – CEO, Co-Founder, & Producer

Guin Records is a fully operational independent record label based in the United States that provides first class production, promotion and distribution for undiscovered artists around the world. Co-founded by brother and sister team Milan and Misha Kordestani in 2018, Guin Records believes that making music is a team sport. Dedicated to helping artists get the start that they deserve, Guin connects sensational undiscovered talent with the crucial resources needed for producing high quality soundtracks.

In July the entrepreneurial sibling duo and Guin Records co-founders, Milan and Misha Kordestani, released their first collaborative hip-hop album, “Uncharted," featuring an array of underground talent. Since its release, the album has accumulated over 3.5 million streams on Spotify, 2.7 million downloads on Sound Cloud, over 260,100 views on YouTube, over 300,000 streams on Tidal and over 400,000 streams on Apple Music

Milan Farms – CEO & Founder

Kordestani established Milan Farms in early 2015 to begin his journey on creating a humane and organic system to raise poultry and organically growing 100% pure saffron. Milan Farms is currently offering saffron, free range/organic eggs, and mint. Milan Farms aims to provide an honest option to the consumer. They use transparency in raising their animals and only using organic options for their plants. Kordestani believes that when it comes to choosing a product, if the consumer knows exactly what they want, a pure, and honest option should be readily available without any secrets as to how it was raised. This is the model Milan Farms operates on.
The Milan Farms brand and logo became a trademarked company in 2016 and has since expanded to three separate farms which distribute eggs across the west coast, including Colorado, and saffron across the world. While Milan Farms recognizes the tradition in the production and cultivation of saffron, they also believe in innovation. That is why, in addition to the use of drip irrigation, Milan Kordestani conducted research in hydroponic, and aquaponics systems with growing saffron. They have seen success in both were still experimenting with varying salinity levels in water as well as varying minerals in the water when Kordestani took a step back from saffron to focus on the expansion of his poultry operations.Kordestani is still working on Milan Farms with plans to expand the company nationwide by creating a network of small-time farmers and selling their products under one brand name in major grocery stores. Milan aims to provide humanely raised poultry at an affordable price with the assistance of small-time farmers to support humane practices while providing a superior product.

The Doe – CEO & Founder

The Doe sources the world’s most influential thinkers and storytellers to publish articles rooted in honesty. The Doe’s invite-only system provides a platform for authors to publish articles anonymously, so whatever your interest, you can always find fresh thinking and unique perspectives that are not swayed by fear of scrutiny or “name tarnishing”.