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A Rock and A Hard Place: The Farmers of America

Today, small time farmers across the United States are stuck between a rock and a hard place due to unfair and unjust pressures put on these family run farms by mega corporations. This pressure has made it harder and harder for farmers to make ends meet to properly care for the health and wellbeing of their livestock.

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From Farm To Table: The Lives Of The Immigrants Who Grow Your Food

It’s not my kind of job. It’s just messy. I’m surprised that they don’t get a shitload of Mexicans willing to do that. They ship them all back to Mexico? These were the responses of four unemployed Americans in search of work when asked if they would consider working on a dairy farm.

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A New Generation of Students

Today’s students are burdened with an excess of work, overwhelmed by social and cultural pressures to succeed, and feel they are unable to reach the impossible standards of achievement set before them.

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Putting the United Back in the United States: An Open Letter to My Political Counterpart

It’s been awhile since we last spoke, since we went our separate ways. I remember thinking that unfriending you on Facebook was such a great idea; I wouldn’t have to see your posts that I disagreed with, and you wouldn’t see mine.

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How You’ve Been Fed Lies Since Birth

It’s your fault you’re fat, “it shouldn’t be so hard to get them to run around and play, right?… It’s about how active our kids are” (Michelle Obama). For years, people have been told that it is their fault if they cannot lose weight, and that consistent exercise is the key to effective weight loss.