Quotes & Publications

The National Horseman Magazine

"Once he starts riding, [he] immediately has a natural form, a dedication to working hard, and a need to ride challenging, world-class horses, as well as a drive to win blue ribbons. Milan Kordestani possesses all of those qualities, and in a short time, he has achieved major goals in the sport that has become his passion." "Milan's future, both in and out of the ring, looks to be extraordinary. His skills as a horseman, so quickly developed will continue to improve, and his humble, yet driven, attitude is certain to bring him greatness in many ways."

The Saddle Horse Report Newspaper

"Milan Kordestani is an impressive young man. He accepted the salute from the crowd as the reserve world’s champion with Supreme Kiss. Trained by Jennifer Dixon, who was riding every step right next to Mary Orr, Supreme Kiss is by Callaway’s Northern Kiss and out of Supreme’s Finest Jewel. Milan made one of his best shows tonight, tipping his hat to the crowd with the red ribbon." "Milan Kordestani’s first Louisville [world's championships] had to have been a great experience. He was fourth in this epic tilt for Omid and Milan Kordestani and trainer Jennifer Dixon." "What a debut season it has been for Milan Kordestani and CH His Supreme Reflection. Directed by Jennifer Dixon, His Supreme Reflection is back under saddle again and has yet to be beaten with Milan aboard, showing in mostly amateur and open classes on the West Coast."​ "Tonight they took on a scheduled group of 13 junior exhibitors and came away as the Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Park winners for Omid and Milan Kordestani."

Hip Hop DX

" DJ Khaled would say otherwise, but collaboration albums are hard to get right. It’s not easy to get assorted personalities in the studio to create a cohesive album that also allows individuals to shine. Maybe that’s one reason the Hip Hop practice is an endangered species. Up-and-coming label Guin Records took its roster of hungry MCs and created Uncharted."


"Started in a college dorm room, co-founders Milan and Misha Kordestani spent hours combing through talent and listening to new music from rising artists on Soundcloud and Youtube. They launched the Guin Records records label this summer and are releasing their first album "Uncharted" available July 1, 2018. The record label will kick off with a collaborative album of original content created by a collection of over 10 artists and 10 producers, each granted full creative control of their sound and the message they want to get across."

The Odyssey

"The brother-sister duo shares a unifying and relatable ideal: Music creation and promotion are based on teamwork, which is integral to discovering new talent. Now Guin Records is a fully operational, U.S.-based independent record label that provides undiscovered young artists access to first-rate production, promotion, and distribution."


“The specialty about this is that it is done by students so college campuses generally don’t allow outside help to actually come into the dorms. You have to be an actual student with an ID. So this allows them to come in and also safer.”

The Colorado Gazette

"Having a fellow student make a copy of a research project, clean his room or deliver a midnight snack — for a nominal fee — also would have enhanced his college experience, Kordestani thought. In January, he and high school friend Sabine Rizvi, who attends New York University, embarked on finding a 21st-century solution. They came up with an application for college students to get basic tasks done, an app Kordestani thinks will “revolutionize college life.”

Metro NY

“Co-created by New York University sophomore Sabine Rizvi and Colorado College sophomore Milan Kordestani, Dormzi connects students who need some sort of assistance with students who have time to spare and are looking for some extra cash. The two went to high school together in the Bay Area and have a habit of bouncing ideas off of each other, Rizvi, 19, said — Something that came out of us growing up in Silicon Valley and being a part of that culture” — which helped spur the app’s creation. "

The Northern California American Saddlebred Horse Association

"Milan and Supreme Reflection didn't miss a beat in to take the Park division. Milan was busy, racking and trotting to the Reserve Champion ribbon aboard Supreme Kiss in the 5-Gaited Pleasure and 3rd in a 14 rider deep equitation class aboard Mochaʼs Mudslide"