Milan Kordestani, CEOFounderEquestrianJournalist

About Me

Milan Kordestani is a serial entrepreneur whose most notable startups include Guin Records, The Doe, and Milan Farms. 


Before the age of 19, Milan found himself building three startups across music, technology and agriculture while attending college full time. Milan co-founded Dormzi in early 2018 with high school friend Sabine Rizvi, an app that connects college students on the same campus with one another for peer to peer task completion. Then, later that year he co-founded Guin Records with his sister Misha Kordestani, an artist collective for talented, story-driven and lyrical hip-hop artists to bring purpose driven rap back to the mainstream. His third startup was founded in 2019, The Doe, an anonymous editorial for select contributors to share their stories and opinions anonymously, with the purpose of sparking conversation and igniting discourse we otherwise couldn’t have. 

His achievements at a young age extend past the startup world and into scientific research, where at the age of 17, he was the first person in the United States to successfully grow Saffron hydroponically and publish his research. Milan has also contributed his writings to Huffington Post.